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A Wise Alternative

At Pangaea, we feel privileged to provide healthy alternative treatment options to the residents of New Jersey. We are passionate about developing strain-specific, targeted products and helping to educate our customers regarding the use and benefits of medical marijuana. Our goal is to create highly-effective products that will enable you to lead a healthier, more comfortable life.

We collaborate with the greatest experts in the industry to honor the purity of cannabis’ origins. Our breeding program is led by Old-World cannabis growers who understand and value the true medicinal qualities of this versatile plant.

Pangaea’s cutting-edge extraction lab has been engineered to create an efficient, clean, and pure extract material allowing us to provide various dosage strengths with precision. Our line of measured-dose extraction products offers additional treatment customization beyond traditional premium flower products.


A wide line of THC and CBD infused products ranging from edibles to flowers to vape cartridges.


See some of the strains we grow including a full range of premium cannabis flower not yet seen on the East Coast


Our state-of-the-art facilities provide the best controlled environment to cultivate clean, beautiful cannabis.
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