Pangaea cultivates the East Coast’s finest cannabis. Our flower is meticulously grown and consistently tested for purity and quality. Our cultivation scientists selected high-quality, intelligently-bred strains that were previously unavailable in the area. Whether you are seeking a deeply-relaxing Indica experience, a cerebral and energetic Sativa, or the perfect CBD strain to treat pain and inflammation, our stock of premium flower has you covered. Click here to view our available strains.


Crafted exclusively from our premium strains, Pangaea pre-rolls offer the same variety of effects and experiences as our whole-flower products but in a convenient, ready-to-consume roll. We use the freshest flower for our pre-rolls, finely-ground and perfectly packed. Each pre-roll contains 0.875 grams of flower. Available in packages of 4 rolls (3.5g) and 8 rolls (7g).



Vaping has quickly become America’s favorite way to consume THC and CBD. Our pre-filled oil cartridges are available for each variety of cannabis that we cultivate. Cartridge formulations contain nothing but unadulterated medicinal cannabis extract.

Pangaea’s extraction methods produce the purest cannabis concentrate on the East Coast. Trust our products to deliver a clean, consistent dose, every time.

Oil Syringes (For Measured Oral Dosage)

Many patients need or prefer their cannabis to be delivered in exact dosages. Our syringes eliminate the risk of over- or under-medicating.

Oil is packed in unit-dose syringes from TSK laboratories. These polyethylene syringes have been designed to simplify the complicated dosing process. Each 10mg dose can be easily dispensed from the syringe, where one “click” equals one dose. The oil formulation may be administered under the tongue, applied topically, or simply ingested.


Edible Oil

Pangaea’s line of activated THC and CBD extracts offer a consistently strong and effective treatment experience. Oil extracts are a popular alternative to smoking thanks to the smooth, reliable experience that comes from using edible oils. Available in High THC, High CBD, and Balanced varieties.


Our team of extraction scientists and confectioners have developed the East Coast’s most delicious edible products. Available in High THC, High CBC, and Balanced varieties, these lozenges are a tasty option for treatment.

Soft Chews

For those who enjoy their cannabis delivered in a delicious, chewable form, our confectioners have developed a line of soft chews that are available in High THC, High CBD, and Balanced varieties.

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